Take A Coffee Break with Pepperidge Farms Coupons

Coffee on the veranda every morning.
I’m big on getting a coffee break every morning at 10:00am. I work from home, and I can easily work non-stop. To avoid overdoing it, I stop for a little coffee break. I head out to the veranda overlooking the bay and enjoy a cup of Joe and a cookie or two. My favorite are Milano Cookies. I use Pepperidge Farms Coupons to save on several packages at a time. I love Mint Milano, Orange Milano, and the Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies.

A Milano and a coffee is a little indulgence, but it’s enough to get me through the late morning meetings. Every morning as I sit on my veranda I just relax and take a few minutes to think. Slowing down for five minutes does more to get me going than anything else I’ve tried. So I always keep my pantry stocked with a little treat and a good quality coffee. Thanks to free, online Pepperidge Farms Coupons, these little indulgences are easier to afford.

I’ve come up with several campaign ideas while taking my morning break. Fresh air, a little sugar, and a great tasting cup of coffee get credit for reinvigorating me day after day. I’ve passed this tip onto several of my friends who also work from home, and we all agree, the little breaks are lifesavers; and Pepperidge Farms Coupons are big money savers.  

A variety of cookies for the morning coffee break.