Dress Up Lunch With Campbell's Coupons

Try adding extra veggies
Now that spring is here, you may be left wondering what to have for lunch. During the winter it’s easy to throw a can of chili into your bag for a fast and easy lunch. If you’re used to using these free Campbell’s Coupons to save, you don’t need to worry. Soup still makes a great spring time lunch. A few of the lighter soups are delightful in the spring when the tasty spring vegetables start to surface again.

I like to use Campbell’s Coupons to pick up some cans of the tasty Minestrone Soup. Then I doctor it up with fresh asparagus and spring peas. Both those vegetables are at their peak of deliciousness in spring, so I love to eat as much of them as I can. The only problem is I don’t have gobs of time to cook. That’s why I choose to pop open a can of ready-made soup and just add some of the things I love.

Other Ideas include adding delicious spring onions and fresh herbs to potato soup. I also love to add fresh basil and mozzarella to canned tomato soup.

Another way to dress up canned soup is with a simple grilled cheese sandwich or Panini. These are fast and easy to make, so I still get a healthy nutritious meal without all the labor involved.

I love Campbell’s Coupons because they save me money on the food I eat the most—canned soup. I love canned soup because it’s fast, it’s inexpensive, and it’s a great way to get a lot of vegetables in my diet without having to do a lot of cooking. So even though people think of soup as cold-weather food, I’m still printing off the free Campbell’s Coupons and saving on all the soup I want to eat, year round.

A tasty variety of spring veggies.