Pizza Hut Coupons

Match Maker, Match Maker Bring me a...Pizza!

With Pizza Hut Coupons you never know what you’re gonna get, and I mean literally. You never know what kind of great deal you will find. My neighbor found her perfect match and future husband due to some well-placed Pizza Hut Coupons, and a vicious midnight craving. These Pizza Coupons are free and available online. You can print your own coupons right from your computer anytime you order a pizza. Here’s the true story of their matchmaking abilities. Here are the details I know, and a couple pictures to prove it.

One Large Pizza with a Side of...?

One night in the lusty month of May, my neighbor, Brenda, was a feeling a little forlorn and depressed about he love life. In this compromised state she agreed to a blind date. It turned out terrible of course. I think she said they went to a live chess meet where the game pieces were actual people on a giant board. Sounds like that was the highlight of her evening, which didn’t even include dinner.

After a quick call to brief me on the details she settled in for a chick flick and a pizza (this is where the Pizza Hut Coupons come in.)

Turns out, that night the pizza delivery boy was no boy. The good looking pizza guy was actually the franchise owner, subbing in for the night. He asked her out the next weekend. They did not go to a live chess match. They did have a romantic dinner together. And the rest is history.

They love telling everyone they met because of Pizza Hut Coupons. Admittedly it does make for a good story. I was just relieved they didn’t serve Pizza Hut at their reception.

Now I use Pizza Hut Coupons too (for other non-romantic reasons.) It’s the cheapest way to order pizza for my big family. Check it out for yourself. You can print a coupon anytime you want, and save on delivery or dine in. It's a great deal. Feel free to check it out.


Disclaimer: Pizza Hut Coupons may not deliver the man of your dreams to your front doorstep.