Gillette Coupons

Gillette Coupons Save $ and skin
I remember as a kid being so anxious to shave. I couldn’t wait until the Day
I could start shaving my legs. Now I look back, and I think I might have
been a little bit insane. Seriously. I truly dislike shaving my legs now. It
takes forever, and it kind of hurts if you don’t buy the good stuff. Basically, it kind
of seems unfair.

In college I tried going without shaving. It was so
uncomfortable; I had to abandon my cause a few weeks into it. I went to the
drug store and purchased the most expensive razor I could find and a can of
the thickest most luxurious shaving cream I could find too.

The stuff was amazing. I got a nice close shave. And no matter how unfair I
thought it was to shave my legs on a daily basis, I decided that the
expensive Gillette products were necessary.

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